Eclipse Makes the Difference.
We partner with you to grow your business.
  • We work with you to increase sales.
  • Develop larger sales and marketing areas.
    Expand your marketing channels with new advertising or a catalog.
  • Explore import/export & foreign trade opportunities.
  • Add new products or grow your existing product lines.
  • Increase Your Efficiency
    Buy inventory and materials in bulk for just-in-time distribution. Focus on increasing your business and leave the order fulfillment to us. Eclipse your competition by eliminating the burgeoning fixed cost of warehousing. You no longer have to carry the huge fixed costs of running your own warehouse and fulfillment operations.
We make you look good.
  • Establish a large corporate image on a small business budget.
  • First Impressions count. We present your products in attractive packaging and provide an attention to detail that will make you stand out.
  • On time shipments.